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Velvet Underworld

Weiß Kreuz


They are the white hunters of the night. Four guys with no pasts, present or future who hunt the evildoers of Japan and slay them in the name of justice. All of them fight for their own reasons -- some noble, some not.

Now they face their biggest challenge as the worlds biggest crime lord has his own team ready to destroy them... and the bitter truth about why Weiß and its members exist are finally revealed...


What happens when you cross anime and the Backstreet Boys? The answer is Weiß Kreuz (German for White Cross, pronounced 'vice krotz'), the latest must-see for anime fangirls everywhere!
There are four reasons why every bishonen loving, anime fangirl should watch this show. Aya, Ken, Yohji and Omi -- the four florist/assassins(don't ask) who make us the Weiß Kreuz team of crime fighters. Actually, no... there are four more. Crawford, Schuldich, Farfarello and Nagi -- the "evil" assassins (Schwarz, to be precise, meaning "black" in German) who will stop at nothing to destroy Weiß.

So what exactly do we have here? Eight good-looking guys(well... okay, seven. Farfie's just scary) tragic pasts and a whole lot of angst. Now if that's not a fangirls dream I don't know what is...
Now, don't get me wrong. There is a plot in this series... not a bad one either. The sad part is its just not really relevant. Weiß was made purely as fan service to every female between the ages of 15 and 35.... and did a darn good job of it.
I mean, it's four hot guys who sparkle on occasion, look good with lots a flowers and angst alot....

Where can you go wrong?

--Reviewer Danielle Perreault--



Ken Hidaka
Code name, Siberian, Image flower, Gentian. Ken Hidaka's a nineteen-year-old boy who loves soccer (a formal professional soccer player to be exact) and kids, and sometimes play as "Mr. Coach" with em. He hates liars, so if youre a well-known liar and you happen to run into him, I suggest you start running for your life. He has a best friend named Kase, who, from what Ive heard, was kinda connected (Okay, maybe way more than just kinda) to the incident when Ken was nearly killed. Hes also got a girlfriend, who I have no idea what her name is, and I dont even want to know cos shes so mean to just fly to Australia without him. His weapon, is, I think, Tigers Claw.


Aya (Ran Fujimiya)
Code name, Abyssinian, Image flower, Rose. Aya's your kind of person who would do anything that involves money, or any sort of payment that involves money. He's also the cold, merciless, non-smiling type. Although that was the cause of an incident that happened to him long time ago. After that, he has sworn to vengeance to whatever it was that made him do that, and the one person that he really hates is Reiji Takatori. He likes ta read n write, and hates authority figures persons, and his weapon's the Japanese Sword.
Aya secretly visits his sister who's in a comma in the hospital.


Yohji Kudo
Code name, Balinese, Image Flower, Cattleya. This guy is the playboy of the group, and always boasts about how every woman would give in to him. He's really kind to women, and, not so kind to men (whatta sexist). If there's a mission where it involves women, Yohji Kudo's sure to be first in line. He likes, women (well duh), and hates men. His weapon's a... Wire...?


Omi Tsukiyono
Code name, Bombay, Image flower, Freesia. Omi's your very loveable, cheerful (maybe over cheerful, like Duo Maxwell), energetic high school student. 17 years of age, he's the youngest member of Weiß. Omi's last name isn't really Tsukiyono, but Takatori. Yes, you heard me, Takatori 'Cept he doesn't remember anything of it. He loves computers (well, he's really good at it), and likes the elderly (don't ask me why), and hates foolish adults and... celery! (Now that's more like it) His weapons are the arrows and tha bow gun thingie, and darts.



-Brad Crawford-
He plays Leader of Schwarz, He's American (but speaks Japanese), and he's 27. (useless info? *shrugs*)
Brad's 'super powers' is something like, premonition (if I got that right), seeing into the future and that stuff, but not too much into the future. He's a really good liar too. Even lies to his boss, Mr. Takatori. He's also a really big fan of 'eliminating useless people'. Somehow though, he always manage to peer out his lil' get-away helicopter and still be able to fly it at the same time... Hmmm...


He's 22, He's German, and always has shades on him. Schuldich means "guilty" in German (poor dude). His powers? Well... Huurrmm... he can read minds, and, he can move really, really fast. He doesn't need a helicopter or a boat or jet or a car to get far, far away... He just dashes around rooftops (How fun! I wanna do that too!). Schuldich preserves pleasure by knowing (and doing it too) that he can manipulate people and their emotions.


He's 20, He's Irish, His real name's Jei, and he's insane. As in, insane-insane-INSANE. Farf likes knives. A LOT. He's got these, expandable knives that he finds really appealing. And he's immune to pain. *shudders* How does he do it?? It's pretty hard to accept (well, not that hard) that Farfie once was leading a religious life, until, of course, he butchered his parents and younger sister, then later his ex-teacher, who, from what I've heard, likes to hug people. He's pretty quiet, detatched even, until provoked that is. Then he lets lose his knives and you're dead meat.


-Naoe, Nagi-
Lil' Nagi's only 15, making him the youngest member of Schwarz, and he's japanese. He has telekenetic powers, meaning he makes stuff move by just thinking about it, and making go wherever he wants it/him/her to go. He's the most powerful member of Schwarz too (psychicly). When Nagi was little, he was kinda bullied or left alone, which has kinda surfaced and made part of the 15 year-old Nagi we now know as. But, Nagi, unlike the other members of Schwarz, has a soft spot, and wants to protect someone, unlike he, who was never really protected... at all...

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