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Hey look! *chuckles* that's me when I was only six (or was I five? I'm not so sure. Then again, I'm never sure about these things anyway)! And NO, it's not BALLET!!! It's just some kind of dance I had to do at that time, and I don't even remember doing it... Hmm... The teachers probably gave me some kind of pills when I wouldn't change into that frilly dress or something...

Okay Okay! Don't rush me! I'm trying my best here! It's not everyday I put up a profile of myself on the net you know! And it's not like I talk a lot either! -(^_~)-
But anyway, I'm Messiah, fun-loving (I think), love the company of others, go to the movies whenever I get a chance, weird (I like being un-normal. Being normal to me is kinda boring...), EXTREMELY easy to get along with, kinda gullible, a bit too trustworthy (it gets me into trouble a lot o' timez), kind and generous (If I'm in the mood that is. You wouldn't want to see the devil side of me or you'll wish you'd neva been born. Don't worry, no one's ever seen it yet.), play badminton, roller-blader (yea yea, don't give me a hard time about it), play the electric organ (it's a double keyboard, not those big pipe ones!), love to draw! And I love Anime too! And Manga!
Okay, you want some more? Fine.

My REAL name:
Natelle (some people call me George coz it's so hard to remember my name when they first met me, so they call me George 'til they can remember ma name. (^_^) actually, I told them to call me George. It's waaaayyy easier to remember, don't you think? Yea... I'm THAT weird. But it's not so bad. I'm not normal, and I like it.)

My age:
5 + 12 - 3 - 6 + 7 - 1 = ??

My b'day:
8th Of March!

Born on:
The year of the Fire Rabbit (Chinese Calender)! That's the bestest eva sign! And if you're followin' tha Western Calender thingie, I'm a Pisces! That's the bestest eva sign too!

My height:
Last time I measured... 162cm (hey, dun blame me cos I'm short! At least I'm taller than the Gundam guys!)

My weight:
Somewhere between 1kg and 10, 000kgs. (that helps a lot huh? -(^_~)-

I hate:
Anything that's green, stuck-up people (can't stand 'em! or people who think they're the best either!)

I love:
The colour Pink & Black! (there's always a part of life where you looovvveee pink, and that's when you're around 5 years old, then you get to the stage where you haaaatttteeee pink, that's usually when you reach early teens, then you pass both stages and think that pink is actually okay. For me, I go from the opposite. So now, I looooovvvveee pink, just like a 5 year old. (^_^) Yea... that's me, 5 yr old trapped in a 14 year old's body. (damn. I just gave away my age. Oh well...) As for black, I'm just really drawn to that colour. Don't ask.

I REALLY love:
Drawing big eyed, pointy nosed, slim figured, big boobed people. In other words, I'm really stuck on these japanese drawings. Besides japanese drawings I might take up some of the space with cute little cartoon drawings that are almost identical to Bill Watterson's "Calvin and Hobbes", or Gary Larson's "The Far Side". Too bad I don't have a scanner... Cos I'd love to stick some on the net... *sigh*

My movie picks:
"The Matrix"! (real nice grapics!) "Akira", "Ghost in the Shell", "The Sixth Sense" (very nice ending!), "American Pie" (is sex all that matters when you're in highschool?), Errm... "Princess Mononoke" (very nice graphics man), "Pokemon the Movie"! (it was sooo sad when Pikachu cried! It made me cry too...), "Chicken Run"! (Oh man.. Mrs Tweety just scares the hell outa me), "Prince Of Egypt"! (I like the way they did everything!), "Sleepy Hollow"! (I love it when he cuts of their heads! so funny! cracks me up everytime), "The Iron Giant"!! (It's so sad when he saved the town... *sobs*), and "Bambi"! Oh! Bambi's a really sad movie though, cos it was so sad when his mommy dieded... I cried non-stop man, and "Mulan" (very funny I assure you), "The Emperor's New Groove"! That was a funny movie too! "Deep Blue Sea" is another good one, and "Con Air" too... and HEAPS more!
Have you noticed that most of the movies are for general audienceses? It ain't my fault I think like a kid ya know.

My kind of music:
noisy music! Alternative etc. (No opera! No classical! No teeny-bopper muzic! well... maybe one or two.)

My kind of songs:
... too many songs to put down.

My kind of food:
Anything that's not green.

I live in:
Wellington, New Zealand. (very nice place I assure you)

And I'm currently attending:
Wellington Girl's College

Email me at:

Or just click on tha cute lil' fishie to email me and save time by clicking a new window and typing in my email address!!


... And I'm proud of it too.


I'm one of tha evil ppl man... evil, AND psycho at the same time...