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Crime and Punishment



--August 5th--
*SQUEALS IN YOUR EARS* WWWWHHHOOOOOPPPPIIIEEEEEE!!!!JOYFUL!!!! Tripod finally let me edit my site again!!! But now that I'm here, my internet time is speeding away fast, so i only managed to put up a new banner on the main page... it's pretty damn hard to not see it, what with the barbie doll and "26% bitch" written all over it... and also drum roll PLEASE!!!! *sounds of drums.. well... rolling?* A NEW GUNDAM WING PICTURE IS UP IN MOSAIC!!! YAY! finally! i did something to my picture gallery! even though it was just ONE new GW picture.... ah well... this one i was very impressed with when i came across it and i practically begged the tripod staff to let me in so i could put the picture up. (^-^) yea yea... i know... i'm weird... but a good weird... i hope... that's all for now, and i'm just working on the last page of my Bishonen corner! so... come back soon! (in a year or so... *smiles innocently*)

--July 10th--
*BIG SIGH* YAY! came back from a week's vacation and I'm ready to go back in business! You've probably noticed the two new banners for Yaoi and Yuri support on the web, yes? If you did, good. If you didn't, then, go look at it. It's near the bottom of the main page of Abaddon. *watches carefully as you go inspect the banners* Heh, I couldn't decide on which banner I liked, cos all of em are so nice! But i finally settled on those two... (HEY! just be greatful that I didn't put all of them on the page! although I would've... but Duo wanted to save the Megs given, we're kinda running low on webspace... ehehe...)
Okay! now that that's done, I've got up three new banners (pretty simple banners actually, but i like the background of em) and deleted about three old ones too. Tell me what you think of the new ones! I probably won't update again after my Bishounen Corner is fully finished. You're still allowed to roam around a bit and look at the progress, but Duo and I have a lot of work to do. Mkay? good.

--July 2nd--
Today/Tonight, Is, Monday! And i've finally gotten around to actually DO SOMETHING (even though it wasn't a big thing) to Abaddon. I've made a lil' page just for my cute lil' Bishies (but it's not done! I've got about 8 or 9 or 10 more pages to go! Sawry! you can't view all of my captured pretties yet!), instead of having them mingling with the adopted ones. And I've got 2 new ( think it's 2) really fine fics in the Weiß Kreuz section of the Fan fics section. (^.^) And i finally got the gallery to work too! So i'll try and get more pics up in Mosaic and Studios mkay? Joke of the week (well, 2 weeks actually) is done until I put it back up again k? OKAY! SO! not much more to say, so i'll just stop saying anything until further notice! and Keep up the good job DUO-kins!


--June 14th--
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my computer back!!!!!! Hopefully it'll work fine... but the guys at the comp shop couldn't find anything wrong with him.... *sniffs*... And i'm trying to make up for lost time, but not really doing a good job at it.... check back in for further new peoples persons!

--June 2nd--
Due to the fact that Bravenet deleted my account (cos I've been a baaaaddd gurl and didn't follow the rules... HEY! Don't look at me like that! How was I suppose to know I'm ot allowed 'foul language'...?!?), I was forced to bring down ma Guestbook, and the polls for Boys Next Door.... Yea.... suckie huh? And I'm still trying to get my files to get through the gallery.... So.. not much happening here, except for the fact that I've decided to introduce you to the wonderful world of Neopets! Go back to the main page, and scroll down until you find my Neopet!