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Ground Zero

Gundam Wing


Centuries in the future, in the year After Colony 195, Earth is surrounded by orbiting space colonies. The colonists are cruelly oppressed by the Earth Alliance, which uses huge humanoid fighting machines called "mobile suits" to control the populace. Behind this tyranny is the secret society called "Oz," which has infiltrated the Alliance military and steered it towards its repressive course.

Now, the space colonies are ready to strike back. Five young pilots, equipped with advanced mobile suits called "Gundams," are sent to Earth to wage guerilla war against Oz and its Alliance puppets. The war to decide humanity's destiny begins...


Heero Yuy - The Perfect Soldier
Suicidal, emotionless, quiet. In other words, he's a psycho. He's not human... well, would you still call him that after falling off a 30+ storey building, slammed into a cliff, and still walk away with a broken leg?? WOW... Heero was professionally trained to become the perfect soldier, risking anything, even life itself to complete a mission. Through those cold, expressionless prussian orbs lies a kind and nice 15 year old boy that was locked away 5 years before. Why? There is no room for human sympathy in war... Although, Duo and Relena seemed to be able to reach the innocent boy... Hmm... Oh ya, Heero Yuy isn't his real name, but his code name. His real name is Odin Lowe Jr, (stop laughing!) but I like Heero better. -(^_^)- Pilot of Wing Gundam.


Duo Maxwell - Shinigami (God of Death)
Cheerful, active, bright, and an orphan. Despite his past, Duo still managed to keep a smile up on his face, always. He kinda stands out in the group of 5... probably because of his bright personality. Picture the group, without Duo... pretty dead huh? Pilot of Gundam Deathscythe, very impressive too I must say. Hey, just because he's got long hair doesn't mean he's a girl got that?


Trowa Barton - The Silencer
Another pilot with a terrible childhood. He's almost like Heero.. emotionless, and suicidal. Although his green eyes show nothing, whereas Heero's show death. Trowa isn't his real name, it's Triton Bloom... Hmm.. I think I like Trowa better.. He's a skilled acrobat too! He worked in a circus with Catherine (his long lost sister - they were separated when they were just little kids due to the ongoing war - but they don't know that... not just yet...). He plays the flute, and is seen playing some music with Quatre on the violin in an episode. Trowa's the pilot of Gundam Heavyarms.


Quatre Raberba Winner - The Soul of Peace
Very rich, very cute, very kind, drinks a lot of tea, and a skilled fighter. He's even kind to his enemies! Unlike the other four, he usually gives his enemy the chance to surrender before destroying them. He'd rather be peaceful than fight, but for the colonies' sake, he's been chosen as the pilot of Gundam Sandrock. 29 older sisters... wow... Both his parents are deceased; his mother died giving birth to him, and his father died later in the series... aww... poor thing huh?


Wufei Chang - The Solitary Dragon
Cranky little bastard ain't he? He fights for honour and justice, nothing else. Pilot of Gundam Shenlong... although Wufei reffers to it as Nataku --- The name of which his deceased wife used to call herself (Even though they didn't get along very well). Before, Wufei didn't really believe in justice, but his wife did. But I guess that changed when she died in that field of flowers...
Wufei is the lonely one of the 5, even amongst a huge party, he seems most left out...


Zechs Merquise - Count -
His realname is Milliardo Peacecraft. Due to the fact that he felt that his hands had been stained with blood, he felt unqualified to be the successor of the Sank Kingdom. In the past he hid his true identiy in the OZ and did so by wearing a mask. He was known as the "Lightning Count".

Zechs is often compared with by other gundam fans to Char. This may be have been the similarity in both looks as well as the aura of tragedy that surrounds both of them. In Zechs' case, tragedy is referred to the events that are brought on by his own actions, not because of his past.


Treize Kushrenada - Oz General
Often called the most difficult-to-understand character, Treize has an idealistic view toward war. As he stated in his own words, "selfishly combine war with one's own value of beauty". His rationale is very much similar to Zechs, though the two sides later on became enemies.
He's got a daughter called Mariemeia (I think).


Noin Lucrezia - Oz Officer
At the beginning of the series she was the OZ officer. Noin was also the only other person besides Treize who initially known of Zechs' true identity. Personality-wise, Noin was calm, strong-minded, steadfast, quiet and loyal. She once said, "Even if I must play dirty, I will still protect Relena-sama. I'll live as a shadow for this kingdom!"

Noin was not jealous of the affection Zechs showed toward his sister, she accepted Zechs' request to protect Relena and in doing so was attracted to Relena's idealism toward peace, which enabled her to be loyal and worked for Relena. She understood the minds and hardships of the five pilots and in the OVA she played an important role in aiding them.


Sally Po - Lieutenant
Used to be part of the old Federation, had a very important relations with Heero and Wufei. After the disbandment of the Federation, she returned to China and worked as underground rebels against the OZ. She trusted the gundam pilots and fought along side with them.

Sally was strong mentally and seemed to treat difficult situations with smiles. Despite her mature appearance, she was only 19 in age at the time of the series. She felt that the pilots should be protected and had a strong faith toward them.

Later on in the series Sally aided the pilots in retrieving their gundams one by one. At the end of Endless Waltz, Wufei joined her and worked with her.

Lady Une - Oz Officer
Lady Une was once Treize's assistant, ranging from battle planning, coordinating the troops to planning assasinations. She followed Treize's ideals and devoted her time and energy to create the world as Treize saw it. Because of this, we were also given a glimpse of her other personality, where she took the gentle approach in uniting the colonies together.


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