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Fan Fictions

* = Okay... (I usually don't put up fics wif only 1 star)
** = Very Good
*** = Extremely Good and a Must Read
**** = Extra Extra Good and a Must Read

Note, that most of them are Yaoi. Yaoi means two guys involved in a relationship, not a guy and a gurl. Okie? So... if you dun like 'em, look for the one that AREN'T Yaoi. Kay?? Kay!! START READING PEOPLES!

-Gundam Wing Fan Fictions-

BEAUTIFULLY done, Cold Flame just happens to be one of ma FAVORITE Gundam Wing fan fics out there. So you better read it, or Omae o korosu!!! hehe... Heero taught that to me. Angst, Rape, violence, and introducing....

YEP. Tha sequel. I can't get enough of tha first one so I just HAD to add in the sequel! Ooooh... and what's this? the death of....

A crossover with GW and original characters. The G boyz encounter Mobile suit team from another dimension! Oz is not what it seems and a new kind of moblie suit is saying "hi" to us...!! PLEASE READ! PLEASE DO!

Gundam Girls? Hmmm.... interesting!!!

Alternate Universe. 1x2, 3x4x5, 13x6x2 Duo's on the run from the EEEEEVVVVIIILLL, bloody vampires, treize and Zechs, and smacks into Quatre and co. Another GREAT fan fic! *sigh*...

YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS FIC! Awarded best romance, Regret is a 1x2 fic. Soooo... goooddd... PLEASE READ!

I'm not saying anything. Because I ran outta words to use, since most of it had already gone to "Regret". So, just READ THIS ONE TOO OKAY? Do it for the sake of all the living creatures here on EARTH!!! I BEG OF YOU!! :ehem: ehee... sawry..

Heero is missing for two whole weeks now, and Duo receives a funny looking disc that might be the key to find his long lost fellow Gundam pilot again. Yesss... I make it sound boring, but it's wwaaaayyyyy beettteerrr!

The 4 pilots finally gone too far in insulting our poor, poor little Duo. His mask broken by Trowa, Quatre and Wufei's words, his heart shattered by Heero's, he runs away, then the five of them struggle to make ammends. Don't worry, it's a happy ending!!!

What if Relena knows (or thinks she knows) a dark and terrible secret about Duo? Alternate universe, dark comedy, pairing: 1x2 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED too!

-Dragonball, Z, GT, Fictions-

A Goku and Vegeta story! This one's the very first Yaoi DB fic I've read, and it's pretty good. Bulma and Chichi died in a plane crash, and both sayajins are devastated... They're kids decided to get them to stay in a house together so they won't mope around the house all day by themselves.
And what's this thing that Goku's planning??

A Trunks and Pan story. (I just can't seem to get enough of those!) Trunks and Pan are shooting sparks at each other, and then struggle to make amends. This one's tha best yet!

A Trunks and Pan story. The pair are bored out of their wits, so Pan found a very, very interesting game for 'em to play, and believe me, it ain't Monopoly.

A Trunks and Pan story. I've only got down part one for you, so you would have to change the URL after you finish each part. Just replace the numbers k? There are 4 parts to this story so don't bother putting 5 in cos it'll lead you to no where.

-Weiß Kreuz Fan Fictions-

Confessions from two Schwarz boys!

Weiß find themselves on a mission at a gay bar, Schwarz have fun, and a very poor Yohji is being tortured...

Yoka means 'preparatory course.' Our Weiß boys need a life servival course. (This is tha bestest Weiß Kreuz fan fic I've read yet! So YOU betta read it too!)

Pairing: Schuldich x Everyone but mainly centered on Schuldich x Brad
Status: Finished
This fic is so addictive. If you haven't read it, then I demand you to do so now! It's satisfaction guaranteed, that I can assure you.

What do the boys (Weiß and Schwarz) do for fun when Takatori goes on vacation?