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Shin Seiki Evangelion


Neon Genesis Evangelion. The year 2015, a time at which the world is recovering from the melting Antarctic Polar Ice Cap ---- "The Second Impact". Entities called Angels suddenly strike Tokyo-3, a fortress city under construction in Hakone. Their true identities and objectives are unknown. The only fact known about them is that they're challengin mankind to battle with an array of configurations and unusual powers.
Mankind's only means of defense against them is the multi-purpose fighting machine, Evangelion.
Shinji Ikari, the series' main character, is one of the three young people selected to be Evangelion operators. However, these humanoid fighting machines can only be piloted by 14 year olds.

Powerful action scenes, a thrilling story --- the troubles, the conflicts, and emotional maturation of young men and women. Welcome, to the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion.


Shinji Ikari - Third Child
Quiet, Shy. Shinji has problems communicating with his surroundings, being afraid of being hurt by other people. Besides that, he's really strong on the inside. Having to live with no love, especially at a young stage, is I guess, pretty hard... You're four years old, Your mom's dead, your father left you to live with your teacher right after she died and doesn't make any contact, no card, no letter, not a friggin' phone call, for ten years. Man.. I wonder how it's like to be Shinji... having trouble accepting yourself is pretty hard...
All in all, he's the pilot of Unit-01. Born on the 6th of June 2001. Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi.


Rei Ayanami - First Child
Quiet, Extremely obedient, emotionless, and merely existed for the soul purpose of piloting Unit-00. Rei is part Shinji's mother, and part Angel. Emotionless towards every living thing on Earth, except for Shinji and Gendo. She rarely speaks, and even when she finally does, her answers are short and simple. Asuka calls Rei a wind-up doll, since she doesn't object to any orders given, and performs them without haste. And when Comander Ikari has no use for her, Rei would be thrown away like a broken toy.


Kaworu Nagisa - Fifth Child
Born on the same day as the Second Impact, little is known about Kaworu. He suddenly appeared in Tokyo-3, sent by SEELE to replace Asuka, who had lost her ability to pilot Unit-02. Within days, he was able to surpass the other 2 children in terms of synch test (He can choose his synch rate at will because --- he's the 17th Angel (Tabris)! the final messenger. The only Angel who took form of a human, and the only person who instantly became friends with Shinji when he arrived. Kaworu, for one thing, understood Shinji...


Asuka Langley Souryu - Second Child
Pilot of Unit-02, Asuka's a self-motivated, active and bright young girl. She hates losing to anyone, and extremely confident... maybe a bit too confident... But then, this is all just a mask to cover her childhood pasts. Having a mother gone completely mental and pretending that a doll is her daughter is pretty tough... I guess that's why Asuka has a thing against dolls. Since her mother was ignoring her real daughter, Asuka told herself that she had to look after herself from then on, and she did. Developing a sharp tongue and active personality, she's pretty smart, considering she graduated from college at the age of 14.


Touji Suzuhara - Fourth Child
Touji attends Tokyo-3's junior high, and are good friends with Shinji and Kensuke. He hated Shinji when he heard that he was the pilot of the evangelion that killed his little sister, and beat the crap outta Shin-kun. But when Shinji saved both him and Kensuke's arse, he forgave him. When the three of them are seen together (which is usually the case), they have been named the "Three Stooges" by their peers. He was selected as the pilot of an evangelion whose colours are exactly like his clothes later on in the series.


Misato Katsuragi - Head Commander in Operations
29 years of age, sloppy, funny, untidy, but an excellent Major. Misato belongs in the First Division of Operation Section in the Department of Tactics and Operation of NERV Headquaters. She volunteered to be Shinji's guardian when he first arrived in Tokyo-3, and later took care of Asuka as well. The three of them shares an appartment... make that, the four of them, counting Misato's tropical pet penguin, Pen-Pen. Misato's a cheeful and optimistic person, but can be really serious when it comes to an enemy attack, namely, the Angels. She treats Shinji like a younger brother, and helped him gain confidence in himself. For that Shinji respects her a great deal. She was also friends with Ritsuko and Kaji when they were in college.


Gendo Ikari - Commander
Yes... I did say Ikari... Gendo is Shinji's father see? He's what? 48? 49? around there... just some useless info. He's meeeaaaannn... he left Shinji when his wife, Yui died. (well, I've already explained it in Shinji's description, so I'm not repeating.) He's the creator of Rei Ayanami. She's a clone of Yui Ikari, and also part angel. He has this, father-daughter relationship with Rei. Gendo's the cold type, and I mean COLD. He always keeps a straight face as if it's been glued on permanently... (o.0)


Hikari Horaki - Classmate of Shinji, Touji, Kensuke
Hikari's your average 14 year old school girl, who in some twisted way, befriended Asuka, and is now the official 'hugger' of Pen-pen, in the series. I think Asuka and her became best friends, or maybe just close, or good friends, I'm not sure... But I know that she's got a crush on our 4th Pilot. Yep. Mr. Touji Suzuhara. He finds out later on in the series, and didn't freak out. (Good on him)
She calls the guys (Shinji, Touji, Kensuke) the three stooges. Heh...


Kensuke Aida - Classmate of Shinji, Touji etc.
Totally addicted to the world of machinery, He constantly carries his little camera around wherever he goes that has at least one machine. (yeesh) Oh ya, he's a really big fan of army stuff too. Camps out a lot. And he either has multiple personalities, or he's entertaining Shinji with his silly drama stuff. (episode when Shinji ran away, we caught Kensuke playin' around in the dark, talking out loud as two different persons, Seee??) Yea, he and Touji nearly got squashed by Unit-01 cos Kensuke wanted to see the Eva. They were the first two people to see the inside of Unit -01, excluding Shinji, and the other Nerv peeps.


Ritsuko Akagi - One of the people that develop the structures and stuff of the Evas (i think)
Ritsuko is what I would call tha very very very very serious and hardworking kinda woman, or, the complete opposite of Misato. -(^_^)- She didn't really develop the Evas... I think her mom, Naoko did... (Aaahh!! my head hurts! I'm confused!) But anyway, it's kinda passed around that she had this, thing, with Commander Ikari *shudders*, but I'm not sure, cos I can't really see any signs or anything.