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--Last updated: Sunday, August 5th 2001--


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Poor Duo... He's my cute lil' assistant here at ABADDON and takes care of stuff when I'm not here. He's just a lil' pooped that's all. Shhh!! let him sleep in peace!

"Abaddon was found on the night of December 30th 2000.
Messiah's kinda lazy so she might not update the site for about 2 weeks (At the MOST). And this always happens unexpectedly, so I always keep an eye on her just incase she goes wandering off somewhere. Don't worry, when she gets back she'll put up stuff for ya to c!
We DO NOT own ANY of the anime shows that are found here in ABADDON k? AND, if you decide to be a real a$$hole and sue us for a or no particular reason, you'll be wasting precious time because we have NO MONEY$!$!$!$!$! SO TOUGH NOOGIE!!!

Beware of the idiotic and rebelius counter! (below) Sometimes that stupid thing doesn't appear at all, and then when it finally does, We've already complained to the authorities for over a million times... so... yeah... it sux, but live with it."

....very, funny, funny, funny people have wasted at least 10 seconds of their life reading this and are never gonna get it back. (^-^) heehee!

Tha Gundam Wing boyz welcome you to ABADDON! be nice and say 'hi' back!

Welcome to Abaddon, otherwise known as "The Internet Junk Site". Like the title said, what more do ya expect when a site consists of junk? basically everything (almost everything) is stored in a tiny package here. Just a little bit of everything. Hope ya enjoy it k?


I take it you might need a little help with navigation? The following are pages that are available. I'll try and get all of 'em up as soon as possible.

I suggest you go visit "CRIME AND PUNISHMENT" first cos you'll be able to see what's been going on around Abaddon for the last few weeks!

--0 600 Zoo--- Adopted/Captured cuties

--Apathy-- Rurouni Kenshin

--Apparatus-- Your Misson: Link to Me!

--Coccyx-- 101 things that'll make you turn green (Well, almost! ;)

--Crime and Punishment-- Updates!

--Double Header-- Ranma 1/2

--Ennui-- Fan Fictions

--Eraser-- Thank Yous!

--Error-- Messiah

--First Edition-- Awards! Yayness!

--Free Driving-- Tenchi Muyo!

--Ground Zero-- Gundam Wing

--Head Hunter-- Pokemon

--Mosaic-- Gallery of 200

--Pacifier-- Shin Seiki Evangelion

--Slots-- Linx and Webierings

--Studios-- Messiah's Art

--Velvet Underworld-- Weiß Kreuz

Come see Messiah's jokes page!!

(Above) Come one come all and see Messiah's Joke Page Thingie! Fit for all ages, sizes and personality! heehee! Have Fun!
(Below) I was surfin' the endless wires of the internet world when I came upon Livejournal.com, which is kinda like having your own diary on the net! So, I decided to give it a try, and you get to choose these little faces to represent your mood at that time, share it with the world, DON'T share it, Find new friends, Thigs-To-Do list, and heaps more!
So now, I've got my live journal, LIVE for all you lil' people to gawk and poke at and think how weird and crazy this person who calls herself Messiah is... hehe.. -(^_^)-



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Man I feel so honoured! Kool ban huh? Make sure to vizit the GW approved site for your own! (tha best thing is that you can take as many bans as ya want!)

Messiah & Duo:
Please take a big, big, BIG Note that Abaddon contains some explicit language and some sexual references, but not too much, and even then we'd give out warning signs just incase little kids are being naughty. Abaddon is also YAOIFUL! (male/male relationships) Unless of course stated otherwise. Most pictures here are used with permission, and the ones that aren't are because we've forgotten which site we got it from (SORRY!), but none the less, we'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the borrowed pics.