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Reccommended links to real nice websites in the internet world


Liquid Lightning Studios is a new start up Manga company formed by entrepreneurs to compete with the major US publishers, and is now hiring manga artists. Draw, Get Paid, Be Published!


Estrigious is an all-girl studio based in New York City. We formed in February of 1999 after meeting at the School of Visual Arts. We have self published one illustration book, and have another on the way. Meanwhile you're probably wondering just what Estrigious, STGS for short, is. STGS stands for "Sparkle, Twinkle, Glitter, Shine," although some people speculate that it bears vague reference to the fact that all of the members are girls... Go fig.



Boys Don't Cry, a very impressive site dedicated to Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing. Very well put out and sorted. If you're a duo fan, and you enjoy writing fan fictions (usually involves yaoi or shounen ai), BDC needs your help. Click on the banner below to enter Boys Don't Cry.



Madamhydra's Lair has loads and loads of very well written fan fictions. They include... Ranma 1/2, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Rurouni Kenshin, and Gundam Wing. Also really neat fan art. I've got "Maxwell's Demon" as a sneak preview or her really neat work in my Fan's corner page. Real Neat!! -(^_^)-



Lovers Light and Dark, a shrine dedicated to Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing (they do make a cute couple ya know). I've got some of Jess-chan's written work on my Fan's corner page as a sneak peek. Do read some of her other fics! "A Present From The Past" Is a real good one I've read, though it's not quite finished yet. And she's got an ENORMOUS gallery on the couple too. The banner below will take you straight to the yaoi gallery of Lovers Light and Dark, okie?



Quicksylver's Gundam Headquarters - "Ohayo minna-san! Quicksylver here!... reporting from Gundam Headquarters! Welcome to my site devoted to Gundam Wing. Here you will find fics, pics and all sorts of other stuffs for you to enjoy. I love Gundam Wing fanfics and read them every chance I get. Finally I was inspired to write and post my own mad scribblings on this my humble site. Hope you like it! I'm always fiddling around, changing stuff..."



Blue Girl, an extremely impressive site dedicated to Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion. These include, pictures, information, fanart, wallpapers, greeting cards, and more. I like it. -(^_^)-



Katana's Shinji Ikari Page... need I say more? Dedicated to Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Loads and loads of pictures, Loads and loads of network stuff, Loads and loads of information, Loads and loads of opinions and reviews, and most important of all, Loads and loads of spoilers. Very nice site.

Katana's Shinji Ikari Page


GundamWing. net, the GW archive - "Greetings and Welcome! First a short intro to the site - It's intended as a reference guide for oldies, as well as a playground for newbie explorations and fun, but while we try to be as comprehensive as possible, there are also things missing from this site, mainly that which we deem to be in too much violation of copyright laws. Don't expect episode downloads or MP3s here, we draw the line at reproducing pictures that technically aren't ours. That said, we still hope you will find the site fun and informative, and that you will come back often!"



Anime - If you're lookin' for lots and lots and I mean LOTS of different pictures from different Anime and Manga, click on the banner below to AnimeArt. They've got a whole list of over 200+ Anime in alphabetical order, all with over 40+ galleries each. Impressed? Good.



Gundam Plus. Downloads (ya know... video clips, music, sounds, wallpaper, MP3 skins, backgrounds and heaps more) , Images (both TV & OVA, animated stuff), Information on almost everything. In other words, it's a real cool site I reccommend you to visit.


--------------------------------------------------- - One of the BEST Pokémon resources on the net!!! I don't need to say anymore.

The Psychic Pokemon Connection

More links soon! I'm just being lazy...