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-Fans' Corner
fan fiction, fan art, anything that has the word 'fan' in it. -(^_^)-

Mind you that I accept any kind of work. Be it Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Yuri, Soujo Ai, or just straight to the point work. (heh) I don't really mind, since I enjoy reading either way. But, if YOU are OFFENDED or HATE any of these, then look for the ones that aren't stated as it. Or, you could just easily press the 'back' button. -(^_^)-
But anyways, these stuff are used with permission okie? the fan fictions take you straight to where its original author had kept it. I hope you're okay with that...


::F A N F I C T I O N S::

- Gundam Wing -
contains Angst, Shounen Ai, Violence, and Non con. Cold Flame's the bestest fiction I've read by Quicksylver yet! Very, very, very, very well written. Tehre are two parts to this fic, but the first part also has a link to the second part right at the bottom of the page, so I don't need to post it up here. -(^_^)-

- Gundam Wing -
Sequel to Cold Flame. Another well written work. It contains Shounen Ai and Death of a Gundam Wing Character. Whose, you ask? I'm not telling!! You just gotta read it, cos if you really liked Cold Flame (like me), then you'll like its sequel too.

- Gundam Wing -
Contains Angst, Sap, and Lemon. Pairing: 4x5. Very cute, sweet and mushy. -(^_^)- See Ever After on quicksylver's archive page to continue the fic.

- Gundam Wing -
Humour and Yaoi. The chicken pox was thought to be 'extinct' years and years ago, Until... Duo catches it. Seeing a doctor that doesn't even remember the cure isn't much help, so it's up to the other 4 to help calm poor Duo, with... oven mits???

- Gundam Wing - (Okay, so I'm stuck to GW fics at the moment, just thought I'd tell you that)
Sometimes those animators just cut a few stuff off before they air the GW series, taking away the humour with it. Here, Quicksylver has recreated the little things that we miss out in the series... Humour. plain humour.

- Gundam Wing -
Freakish comedy, interesting baking utensils and ingredients. The title is a pun on "Little Debbie Snack Cakes" (tm) for those of you who didn't catch that. Wu-chan is in the background making smartass comments. Pairings: 1x2 and 3x4.

- Gundam Wing -
Yaoi implications, deathfic, suicide, incredibly depressing, serious angst. *sniff sniff* Tears were streaming down my face when I'd finish the fic... just so sad... Pairings: 1+2

- Gundam Wing -
Maxwell's Demon is a must read! Very, very, very nicely written. Visit her site in my 'Studios' page, under "Madamhydra's Lair". Her fan fictions alone are great!

::D O U J I N S H I::

- Gundam Wing -
Duo stars as the infamous little girl in this Yaoi Parody (they're making fun of Yaoi) that even ani-yaoi fans can read. Pairings: Duo & Heero, Dr. J & Prof. G. contains 16 pages. I find this particularly funny, and I got it off the Gundam Wing archive, just a sneak peek at what it contains. Look it up in my studios page.

What do you suppose Duo wants to be when he grows up?? This is another one that I like that's from the GW archive. Contains a total of 3 pages, seemingly it's in the short stories section. Type: general audience, pairings: Duo & Heero.

More coming soon minna! Trying to find real nice fics for ya! come back anytime okie? -(^_^)-