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Pokémon, or Pocket Monsters have been eating every single child on the face of the earth with their cute little creations... Little monsters with their own special powers that do battle with other monsters. Right now, the count is... 250 Pokémon. (o.0) that's a lot huh? The storyline doesn't follow robots, space, human domination or the future, but features on the present, now... and how humans share their world with these really cute little monsters. At the age of ten, you're given your first Pokémon and 5 pokéballs, and a pokédex. You're now, and official pokémon trainer, your goal is to become a pokémon master. Battle gym leaders to win their badge, if you collect enough, enter Pokémon leagues, and try your luck.

Ash Ketchum, the series' main character, and his faithful little friend Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokémon, go on thrilling and humourous adventures, along with sharp-tongued Misty, Brock the womanizer, and Tracy, Pokémon watcher (and sometimes girls), meeting new people and Pokémon.

And of course, "Prepare for trouble, and make it double" Team Rocket, the villians with brains the size of a speck of sand. Jesse, James, and their talking Meowth, try as hard as they could (in vain naturally) to catch Pikachu throught the series. They never give up... they just don't get it...

Below: WAAAAIIII!!! Look at da cute little Pikachu!!! Soooo adorable! That's the most adorable picture I got from Pokémon, just like the lil' sleepin' Duo on the main page. -(^_^)-



Above: Yea, I got one of those badges too. Hey, they're free! So sue me...

Ash Ketchum, a stubborn, adorable, funny (in a stupid-silly way), and extremely competitive 10 year old. Ash was blessed with a special gift... a stomach with a mind of its own.... Even though he's always hungry, Ash goes on long journeys and battle gym leader after gym leader with... confidence...? His cute little Pikachu calls him "Pika pi!" (If you'd pay more attention to what Pikachu says then you'll know. And don't look at me like that!)
His rival? Gary Oak, Professor Oak's grandson. Gary is what you'd call the umm... self-motivated type of kid, kinda like Asuka. Confident that he'd win, thinks he's the best and all that. (If you're a Gary Oak fan and you're reading this, SORRY!!!) He's even got his own cheerleading squad! Geez... I guess that's why Ash hates him...
Misty... Hmm... she's EXACTLY like Asuka Langley... they're both sharp-tongued (not to mention big-mouthed). She and Ash don't really get along very well, insulting each other at least once throughout an episode. But then, they're probably just hiding their feelings for one another. They just hate to admit it, but they do make a cute couple huh? And Misty's got da cutest, most aorable Psyduck! (you thought I was gonna say Togepi didn't you?) Even though Misty doesn't really treat it very well because she's not that patient, Psyduck is her second most powerful pokémon, next to Togepi (but she doesn't know that Togepi has psychic powers!).
Brock! Hmm... what can I say about this Pokémon breeder? well, something I know very well by watching the series is that he's addicted to pretty ladies. He gets all funny and act stupid when he sees one. He's also a great cook! He's like this ultimate mom that does all the washing, cleaning, cooking, sewing and stuff. Well, I guess he has to be, since he's got over 10 younger brothers and sisters... He stayed with Prof. Ivy to do some more "research" with her, but later on in the Johto journeys, he returns to the gang.
Tracy's a Pokémon watcher. He watches pokémon. (duh...) He's got tons and tons of sketches of those little monsters, and one of Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Sissi. I guess pokémon watchers don't watch pokémon all the time huh? -(^_~)- He's got a super-cute marill! it's like a balloon that walks and has super-sensitive hearing.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu sez more coming up! *sweat drops* -(^_^)- So sue me...