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Adopt your own Aminal!

Come one come all and adopt your own Aminal! No forms to fill, no HTML to cut and paste! Just choose your favourite and save it on to your own computa! Of course, you gotta tell me that you took whatever it is that you took, so I can go visit your site!
BE HONEST PEOPLES! I just need you to link back to me through your lil' adopted Aminal! And I'll link back to ya if ya want! HAVE FUN CHOOSING!

This is Aibo, my kool lil' alien protector of the Aminal Adoption Page. He's watching YOU!!

--Apes and Monkeys--

Awww... lookit that, he's waving back at you!

He's playing Hide and Seek in a pile of banana peels! How cute!

--Cats and Dogs and Fishies--

He's playin' with a ball of yarn! Ain't that so kitty-like?

Must be REALLY thirsty huh?

Tough lookin' Bulldog for a tough lookin' webmaster?

Lookin' for a smart fish and a fishy companion? What more would you ask for?

Ooohhh... *shudders* this one's gonna give me nightmares!! (-__-;)


One blind mouse! one blind mouse! Or unblind rather.... if there is such a word as

Hamster wants a cracker! Hamster wants a cracker! Eeek! (how ironic)

Morty the Mole! He's feeling happy today! make him even happier by adopting him!

--Farm Aminals--

Farmy kinda person? Chickens maybe?

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool??

Awwww! I have this thing for cows... they're just minding their own business, lookin' harmless... :ehem: sawry..

"Yeah, and pigs fly." *looks out window... sweat drops* ehehe....

AWWWW!!! what a cute lil' wabbit wif a fwuffy tail and fwuffy ears!!!!


Don't give ME that smug look little man.

A snake lover are ya?

--Dragons 'n Dinosaurs--

Must be runnin' away from a T-rex...?

Oooh.... scary dragon head. His name's Ugene, so you don't have to worry. He's harmless!

Ugene's twin! who... happened... to  know how to breathe fire...

--Yep, that's all I've got in tha nursery at tha moment, Thanx heaps to Bravenet for the lil' pictures!!!!--